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Separation Anxiety Mist!

21 July 2022

Our newest product launching soon!

We have created with working with dogs at our training centre dog care centre a spray specifically for dogs who whimper and cry and suffer from loss and separation anxiety.

Carefully formulated with oils like Neroli, rose mimosa and other essential oils this spray is sure to make a difference for your pet suffering from these symptoms.

Mimosa - An important choice for animals who have experienced loss and separation often select mimosa essential oil, they then frequently go on to select neroli.

Neroli - Animals experiencing: loss, separation and deep sadness nearly always select neroli essential oil, as well as mimosa. Also those with depressive behaviours and digestive disorders of an emotional origin have selected neroli.

Jasmine - For comfort and nurturing and as a relaxant.  In India, jasmine is known as the Queen of the Night, as her flowers are hand-picked after dusk and before dawn, when their fragrance is most potent. Virtually all jasmine oil is produced as an absolute or CO2 extraction rather than as an essential oil. For every kilo of oil produced, 1,000 kilos of hand picked blossoms are required. For this reason it is not possible to buy an inexpensive bottle of jasmine absolute.